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Rescue for River Runners - Professional


This three day course, builds upon the skills learned in WRT-1 and R3-Rec. The R3-Pro course concentrates on further developing advanced water rescue skills, including advanced entrapment techniques, advanced pins and wraps, as well access issues such as basic raising and lowering techniques.

It emphasizes victim rescue and recovery and sharpens rescue skills taught in WRT-1 / R3 Rec within more challenging and hazardous environments. The R3-Pro is the new standard for expedition leaders around the world.

Prerequisites: WRT-1, R3-Rec or equivalent.

Availability & Costs 2015

Cost: $435

Dates 2015               Sponsor/River

June 10-12   Esprit (Ottawa)

June 18-21   Esprit (Ottawa)

July 15-17    Esprit (Ottawa)




Recertification Note: Proof of current Rescue 3 certification or equivalent required. Expiration is set for Dec. 31, 2 years from the year you took your course. For example, if you took your course on May 31 2012 you expire Dec. 31 2014. Prior to Dec 31 2014 you can recertify by either participating in the 2 day course again OR recertify by challenging a 1 Day Skills Evaluation. Regardless of the actual date you recertify, your new expiry date will be Dec. 31 2016. Participants can only challenge the 1 Day Skill Evaluation once every second recertification cycle. 

R3-Pro 1 day Recertification Challenge

Cost: $199

Dates 2015              Sponsor/River


June 12                     Esprit (Ottawa)

June 21                     Esprit (Ottawa)

July 15                      Esprit (Ottawa)


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